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Kuichong ancient tree cluster named GD's Top 10 most beautiful ancient tree clusters

The Kuichong ancient tree cluster is regarded as one of Guangdong’s 10 most beautiful ancient tree clusters, according to the list announced by the Guangdong Provincial Forestry Administration recently.

Mangrove wetland park in Baguang arouses interest

Since a draft resolution on building an international mangrove center in Shenzhen was passed at the 14th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands on Nov. 13 Beijing Time, the mangrove wetland park in Dapeng has garnered more attention.

Director Stan Lai joins hands with Dapeng

Established playwright and theater director Stan Lai is joining hands with Dapeng New District to develop the local theater industry, according to Shenzhen Economic Daily.

Smart waste transfer station put in use in Dapeng

An intelligent underground waste transfer station was put into use in Shenzhen International Bio-Valley in Baguang, Dapeng New District on Friday, according to Shenzhen Evening News.

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Russian visits camping resort in Xichong and feels happy to see the new Xichong

As a person who had been to Xichong before, Irina Bogodukhova is also happy to see that the surroundings around the beach have been greatly improved.


American makes her very first zongzi, learning from cultural inheritor

Hong Konger and her campi...

At the beginning of this year, out of her passion for cultural and tourism projects, Yeung made up her mind to start a new business: a camping resort. After visiting various guesthouses with her boyfriend, she had the idea of opening a characteristic tourist attraction at Xichong Beach.


Dapeng's war on COVID-19

In order to do well in implementing the COVID-19 prevention and control measures on a daily basis, Dapeng Government Online launched this featured page to provide all kinds of COVID-related news and information including latest news, daily updates and reminders.


Tracing Dapeng's Red History

Dapeng New District is famous for its picturesque coastal scenery, the vast Shenzhen Dapeng Peninsula National Geopark and the centuries-old Dapeng Fortress but it is also a red area which witnessed local people's indomitable spirit to resist foreign aggression.